A site for some of my micro generation projects!

I should add, this site is not complete, and will be added to on an ad hock basis as and when I have time

Wind generator platform construction

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  • I'll get round to adding full text sometime, so just brief descriptions for now. Do remember this is work in progress, hence no completed photos yet.

    Generator platform components

    Bearing and outer bearing assembly for connection to the top of the mast.

    Same as above, but showing reverse of the bearing support.

    Above components assembled with bearing.

    Bit of a modification to the bearing support, where I've drilled and tapped two holes (the one you can't see) to help push out the bearing if the need ever arises. Also shown below is the securing bolts to clamp the bearing assembly to the top of the mast. I had drilled a set of holes, but felt there was not enough meat in the tube sidewall, so I welded some nuts on as well to increase the thread length.

    Shot showing the machining process of the inner bearing mount, which will support the generator platform.

    Construction of the generator platform. The generator will sit on the left hand side and secured in position with stainless steel studding (threaded rod). On the right is an adjustable mount for the tail vane. The vertical hinge angle is fixed at 15 degrees, but the off-set is adjustable.

    The tail vane hinge will comprise of the middle tube being fixed to the generator platform, and the top and bottom tube will form part of the tail vane. The hinge is then held together with a tube down the centre.

    Generator platform with dis-assembled vane hinge

    Base of generator platform

    Generator platform with adjustable vane mount removed.

    Ditto above

    Ditto above, but showing the base of the vane hinge assembly.

    General view of generator platform mounted on to the mast bearing assembly with the generator resting in its mounting position.

    Ditto above.

    Ditto above.

    Ditto above.

    Ditto above, but showing base of generator platform and bearing assembly.

    Ditto above.

    Ditto above.

    Ditto above.

    Ditto above.

    Due to lack of clear space and typical English winter weather (heavy wind and driving rain) I was unable to get at the correct angle to take this photo, so the proportions don't look quite right.

    The tail fin bracket is longer than the blade radius, but its not as long as it looks in the photo below, due to the poor angle that I took the photo.

    This shot shows the tail fin bracket rotation stop. Basically I set it to rotate round towards the blades, but stop parallel to them.

    There is no need to add any stops for the opposite rotation as the bracket fouls on the generator body.

    Basically the same as above, but at a different angle.

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